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AMS Mesoscale Processes and Weather and Forecasting Conferences: July 2023

Tomkins et al. Joint Characteristics of Snow Bands and Surface Snowfall

Miller et al. Observations of Tilted, Twisted and Smeared Mesoscale Snow Bands from NASA IMPACTS

Kennedy et al. Assessing Meteorological Skill of COAMPS and GFS Forecast Models

NASA IMPACTS Science Team Meeting: September 2021

AMS Mesoscale Processes Conference: July 2019

AMS Mesoscale Processes Conference: July 2017

NCSU Center for Geospatial Analytics Forum, April 2017

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AMS Annual Meeting Jan 2017: Invited talk for Houze Symposium YuterMechemtalk_titlecard

AGU Fall 2015 Meeting: Invited talk A54B-03 1512AGU_Yutertalk_slide1