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Tim – The Enchanter


Current Research:

Optimization of the mithril inscribing technique for Dwarven master runes using the Felbeard Dreadhammer method. Arithmagical modeling of the lost Flamel alchemical transmutations.

B.S. Wizardry – Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry – 1897
M.S. Thaumaturgy – Salem Institute for Magic – 1899
Ph.D. Arcane Runic Studies – Massachusetts Institute of Technomancy – 2002

Selected Publications:
Cleese, J., T. Jones, T. Enchanter, 2003: Computational fluid dynamic modeling of the air speed of an unladen European Swallow. J. Pract. Aerodyn., 87, 1456-1471.

Enchanter, T., J. Cleese, D. Adams, 2004: The meaning of life, the universe, and everything: a quantitative study. Eur. J. Metaphy., 42, 10266-10284.

Enchanter, T., 2004: Rune words and their uses in daemon slaying and beer pong.Daemonology and Drinking Games, 245, 486-497.

Personal Interests:
Archery, Raising the Dead, Ten Pen Bowling, Blacksmithing, Grail Questing, Debauchery, and Darts

Hometown: Little Whinging, Surrey, UK