Dr. Sandra E. Yuter – Distinguished Professor

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society – 2017
Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences – University of Washington – 1996
B.S. Geology/Physics-Mathematics – Brown University – 1983

Professor Yuter is an expert in distilling information on weather and climate. Her research team develops new capabilities from remote sensing data products to address basic and applied science questions related to clouds and precipitation. She has over 30 years of experience in data fusion and image analysis using multispectral satellite, radar, lidar, and in situ meteorological measurements. A key tenet of her work is “adequacy for purpose” matching sensor capabilities with appropriate science questions and vice versa. curriculum vitae

Dr. Matthew A. Miller – Senior Research ScholarMatthew Miller 2020
Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences – North Carolina State University – 2010
NASA Earth System and Space Science Fellowship (2008 -2010)
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences – North Carolina State University – 2007
B.S. Meteorology – North Carolina State University – 2004

Dr. Miller is an expert in the use of Matlab for exploration, manipulation, fusion, analysis, and visualization of large (10-100s of TBs) datasets. He has specialized experience in a variety of skills used in analysis of geospatial remote sensing data including image segmentation, computer vision, self-organizing maps, time series analysis, spectral analysis, and feature tracking. Additional expertise includes use of raster and vector illustration software, Geospatial Information Science (GIS), and assembly and administration of large scale data storage servers.
curriculum vitae