M.S. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations

Master’s Theses

Assessing Numerical Weather Prediction Model Forecast Skill Under Different Weather Conditions Using Surface Observations
Rachel Kennedy, October 2023

Multi-year Analysis of Ice Streamers within Coastal Northeast US Winter Storms
Laura M. Kent, November 2021

Large-scale Environments Associated with Southeast Atlantic Marine Stratocumulus Cloud-eroding Boundaries
Spencer R. Rhodes, November 2019

Observed Characteristics of Mesoscale Banding in Coastal Northeast U.S. Snow Storms
Nicole P. Hoban, November 2016
Supplemental materials featuring mp4 movies showing spatial patterns of radar reflectivity, snow rates, and detected Doppler velocity waves

Propagating, Cloud-eroding Boundaries in Southeast Atlantic Marine Stratocumulus
John D. Hader, July 2016
Supplemental materials featuring mp4 movies of cloud boundaries

Northern California’s Central Valley Spatial Precipitation Patterns Associated with Atmospheric Rivers Under Different Environmental Conditions
Nicole A. Corbin, April 2016

Lifecyle Characteristics of Marine Stratocumulus Precipitation in the Southeast Pacific
Andrew M. Hall, December 2013

Near Surface Density Currents in the Southeast Pacific Stratocumulus-Topped Marine Boundary Layer
Matt C. Wilbanks, July 2013

Regional and Interannual Comparions of Marine Stratocumulus Precipitation
Margaret L. Frey, April 2013

Multi-season Observational Study of the Thermodynamic, Kinematic, and Precipitation Structures within Flooding and Typical Storms in the Oregon Cascades
Jake Crouch Fortune (Justin A. Crouch), August 2009

The Interaction of Moisture Fluxes and Orographic Precipitation over Northern California Associated with a Land-falling Atmospheric River
Barrett L. Smith, November 2007

Evaluation of TRMM Satellite Retrievals and Satellite-observed Characteristics of Marine Shallow Clouds
Matthew A. Miller, November 2007

Three-dimensional Microphysical and Dynamical Structures of Winter Storms in the U.S. Pacific Northwest
M. Jordan Payne, August 2007

The Mesoscale Characteristics of Tropical Oceanic Precipitation During Kelvin and Mixed-Rossby Gravity Wave Events
Christopher T. Holder, July 2007

Ph.D. Dissertations

Observed Mesoscale Surface Air Pressure Waves and In-Cloud Characteristics
in the Context of Winter Storm Structures

Luke Allen, July 2024

Synthesis of Radar-Observed Characteristics, Storm Structures, and Surface Snowfall Rates in
10+ Years of Northeast US Winter Storms

Laura Tomkins, March 2024

Examining Winter Storm Structures with High-resolution Atmospheric Soundings
Kevin D. Burris, June 2023

Environmental Controls on Stratocumulus Cloud Fraction
Casey D. Burleyson, November 2013

Atmospheric Characteristics of Cool Season Intermittent Precipitation near Portland, Oregon
Jeffrey G. Cunningham, July 2012

Satellite Observations of Low Marine Clouds
Matthew A. Miller, July 2010