Northeast US snow storms Jan 1996 – Jan 2016

Radar Observations of Storms For Education (ROSE): Front Range of Colorado, May-June 2014

Complex Aggregates within Coastal Northeast US Snow Storms

MicroRainRadar observations for current and previous deployments

Previous Field Observations

ISPA 2010: Storm Peak Colorado, Jan-Feb 2010

VOCALS Regional Experiment, Southeast Pacific, Oct-Nov 2008
Yuter, Sandra. 2017. “VOCALS 2008 Ship Radar Timeseries of Rainrates and Reflectivitities.” Open Science Framework. August 1. osf.io/ryfhw.

EPIC Stratocumulus Study, Southeast Pacific, Oct-Nov 2001

KWAJEX: Marshall Islands, Jul-Sept 1999

PACS TEPPS: Tropical Eastern Pacific, July-Sept 1997

TOGA-COARE: Solomon Islands, Nov-1992 – Feb 1993